Wolf saga

 London, ON indigenous artist Wolf Saga has achieved a lot in his career so far. He has worked with Samsung, which teamed him up with producers Chin & Khalil, Air Canada, and Converse, who put him in a studio for Rubber Tracks. On top of that, he has taped an episode of Guilt Free Zone for APTN and appeared on an episode of Killjoys.

Past highlights include playing the inaugural WayHome Festival, shooting a commercial in Australia for Air Canada, charting at no. 1 on the National Aboriginal Music Countdown for several weeks, filming a First Play Live session with CBC, and recently headlining Indie Week (Toronto) plus being a finalist for Canada's Walk of Fame Emerging Artists.

Relocating to Toronto, ON and now performing as a trio with guitarist/keyboardist Richard Gracious and drummer Michael Farina has allowed Wolf Saga to bring in some indie-rock influences to his synth-based dance sound.