Beau’s needs your help to make Oktoberfest awesome!

We are looking for volunbeers for a variety of different jobs at Oktoberfest. Most volunbeer positions will require you to attend an info session. 

Volunbeers will receive such awesome schtuff as...

  • Admission to the festival for the whole weekend
  • On-site camping!
  • Ticket to the exclusive Volunbeer Party
  • Volunbeer Hat!
  • Drink Token
  • Secure storage for your stuff
  • Transportation to-and-from Ottawa if needed

2017 Volunbeer Sign-Up Form

Name *
Are you 19 or over? *
Phone *
Do you need bus transportation from Ottawa *
Special Skillz
Have you been a Beau's Oktoberfest Volunbeer before? *
If yes, would you like to volunbeer for that duty again?
Are you available to volunbeer on Saturday Sept 23 from 4pm-10pm?