Selected Restaurants Application Form

Things you need to know

There will be a $150 + HST charge to offset some fees associated with managing the restaurant area (Envirodish, Reefer, Tent, etc). This fee is due by August 10.

Note you are not officially participating in Oktoberfest until you have completed the following steps:

Step 1: Read this full page and complete form at right->
Step 2: Pay fee through credit card or e-transfer

Step 3: Email us your insurance form to
Step 4: See you at Oktoberfest!

Please contact Beau's Accounting by phone or email to arrange payment e-transfer:

  • Tel: 613-678-2799
  • Toll-Free: 866-585-2337
  • Johanne Rochon at ext 213 or  


Please bring your own:

  • Food
  • Equipment to heat or cool food
  • Change & cash box
  • Brochures/ business cards
  • Chairs
  • Cleaning materials & supplies - a "cleaning area" will be provided
  • Extension cords

Note: spaces are available on a first come first served basis. Spaces can be selected once payment and all paperwork has been received.

Beau's Oktoberfest will provide:

  • Hand wash stations
  • 2 x 8' tables
  • Signage
  • Chalkboard menu A-frame
  • Power (2x120v outlets)
  • Parking

Load in times are:

  • Thursday Sept 20 between 4:00PM-9:00PM

  • Friday Sept 21 between 10:00AM-1:00PM.  All load in vehicles must be off site by 2:00PM Friday. 

Load Out times:

  • Saturday 11:00PM (or once all attendees are cleared from festival grounds)
  • Sunday September 23 9:00AM-1:00PM

There will be security overnight.

Contact Information

*accreditation is required to gain access to Oktoberfest and restaurant worker area
We ask that the food you source comes from local sustainable sources only.
*Oktoberfest is a Bavarian themed festival and we ask that selected restaurants be creative with the menu while simultaneously adhering to the overall theme. Menu variety throughout the festival is important and of course festival guests have come to anticipate outstanding blog, review and social media worthy options. Pressure’s on!
Fire Code *
*Note - all GAS deep fryers and open flame cooking MUST be conducted outside the Oktoberfest provided tent. (Chaffing dishes excluded) Fire code is strictly enforced by the Champlain Township Fire Department. You are welcome to bring a 10x10 pop-up or similar, to place 5' behind your allocated booth space where all types of cooking is permitted. The fire department asks that nothing is attached or tied to the Oktoberfest provided tent.
Equipment *
What types of equipment will you be bringing?
Electrical Requirements *
*limited electricity is available, 2 x 120V AC outlets per restaurant. Gas appliances are recommended.
Will you be deep frying/using heavy oil? *
If you are bringing deep fryers you will need to supply your own covering as they are not allowed under the tents, thank you.
Camping Accommodations Required? *
*RV, trailer and tent camping space is available onsite at no cost but must be reserved in advance. Please note there are no shower facilities available on site.
Beau’s requests that participating restaurants don’t do these things: *
-Plan to sell pop, juice, or water (we have a fundraising group in place)
-Pack up early, unless food sales wind down dramatically in which case Beau’s representative will notify you that you are able to do so.
-Do not allow non registered people inside the restaurant areas.
Money: *
RESTAURANTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BRINGING THEIR OWN CHANGE. Each restaurant will set its own prices, accept cash, and make change. We highly recommend setting portion prices in between $5 - $12. There will be complimentary food vouchers in circulation and the onsite Oktoberfest Restaurant Managers will make sure you know what they look like each day. NOTE: Restaurants MUST redeem the food vouchers NO LATER THAN 8:00PM ON SATURDAY. The onsite Oktoberfest Restaurant Manager will make rounds to collect and cash-in vouchers.
Electrical: *
Here’s the thing, every year at Oktoberfest despite our urgings to comply with the limited available power on site, someone inevitably plugs in way more items than they said they were going to and ka-pow the circuit board gets fried and many people are without power until the onsite electrician can resolve the issue. So, we implore you to A) limit the number of items you need to plug in and B) provide us with your detailed electrical requirements so we can go that extra mile to meet your needs prior to your arrival. Tell us what you need, we will work with you.
Insurance: *
Please click the "I Agree" checkbox to confirm that you will immediately/have emailed a copy of your liability insurance naming Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co and Vankleek Hill Agricultural Society as additional insured to