Barrasso came to life in an arena changing room back in 2010. Discovering that they all shared a common passion for hockey and for punk/hardcore music à la Hot Snakes and The Bronx, guitarists Étienne Beaupré, Thierry Bourgault D’Amico and drummer Francis Paquette, decided to get together and write songs to form a band. Looking for a lead singer, they finally found their voice in 2011 on a softball field where they met Jonathan Beauregard, a vocalist who was well-known for fronting fiery, dirty punk rock acts Dirty Tricks and Suck la Marde. Soon after, bassist Louis Simon Bastien joined the band, consolidating what would become Barrasso’s final lineup.

Barrasso creates poignant, raw sounding tunes that can be described as a skillful fusion of old-school punk, garage and hardcore. Opting for a DIY approach, Barrasso’s debut album was entirely written, recorded and produced by the band.

Their ability to craft catchy melodies mixed in with heavy and inventive riffs while being supported by solid, rhythmic structure makes Barrasso’s music a very interesting, eclectic mixture that is sure to please fans of powerful tunes and abrasive sounds. Their second LP, Colada, is set to come out on August 17.